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Ensofic Ray (Reiki) Healing Modality

  • 1 hour
  • Package Price $700
  • Savannah Center

Service Description

The Ensofic Ray (Reiki) Healing Modality is the complete system of Reiki as was originally intended. This modality is a 3-part series that focuses on the three aspects that make us human: the physical body, the soul body, and the spirit body. It is a powerful tool that realigns body, soul, and spirit, supporting deep healing on all levels. This series of treatments is highly recommended for imbalances that result in any mental, emotional, or physical manifestation of disease. Session 1 focuses on the physical body. The Ensofic Ray is the purest, brightest, and most powerful energy and holds the energies of clearness and cleanliness. The practitioner channels this galactic energy, directing it to where it is needed most, cleansing and clearing toxins and trapped emotional energy from the body that is the root cause of the illness. Session 2 focuses on the soul and spirit bodies. Utilizing the 12 Rays of Creation, the practitioner continues the process of healing and alignment. Sacred seals are placed in the etheric body, smoothing the way for the Soul Body to connect with the Spirit Body, transforming the physical body's ability to maintain light energy. Session 3 is a customized session based on individual client needs. In this session, clients may choose to have additional time and energy focused on the physical body and/or include treatment to clear and remove bad habits, addiction, negative thoughts, or limiting beliefs that inhibit the ability to maintain peace within ourselves and those around us. Ensofic Ray can help you to: -Realign with your soul's purpose -Achieve greater mental clarity -Address the energetic foundation responsible for the manifestation of disease -Release and heal old emotional wounds -Heighten vibration -Reconnect with your divinity -and more... Individual sessions are $250/session. Save $50 by purchasing the full 3-part series for $700.

Cancellation Policy

Clients may reschedule booked services up to 72 hours before the scheduled time. Payment in full is required before receipt of service. Packaged, series, and/or bundled services are non-refundable once the first service/session is received. Clients may reschedule booked services a maximum of two times within a 30-day period, after which a non-refundable deposit will be required to book any further services. Any packaged, series, or bundled services not received within specified timeframes due to client re-scheduling are forfeited.

Contact Details

  • 217 Sugar Mill Drive, Savannah, GA, USA


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