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About Me

As the founder of Radiant Heart Healing, I am blessed and grateful to be a Ritual Master Apprentice, Certified Life Activation Practitioner, and Ensofic Ray (Reiki) Healing Modality Practitioner in the Holy Lineage of King Salomon. 

I firmly believe that humanity can heal the beautiful, amazing world in which we live.  This healing, however, begins with the individual: heal thyself, heal the world.  It is the highly motivated and courageous individual who chooses to embark on the path of healing Self. I applaud everyone who chooses to step forward in answer to that inner call.  To heal and, by extension, to know thyself is not always an easy journey. Yet, I can only say from my experience that it is the most fulfilling, rewarding journey of a lifetime.  A journey supported by the healing tools and techniques handed down to me through the Lineage I now offer to all of you through Radiant Heart Healing.

So, I ask, "Are you ready to embark on a path of greater well-being?"

I would be honored to serve and support you in this choice.  

You are worth it!

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