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Who is the author of your story?

Updated: 16 hours ago

When we are born and as we grow throughout childhood, the authors of our story are family, friends, educators, religious leaders, and society at large. All help create our backstory of experiences, thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. When we graduate from childhood to adulthood, the pen that writes our story is suddenly thrust into our hands, often without many of us consciously realizing we are now the writers of our destiny--the authors of our story. Too many times, we fill the pages of our books with the same strokes of the same pen, continuing to repeat emotional patterns and behaviors often constructed around emotional and/or physical trauma, failing to realize we can choose to put that manuscript aside and write ourselves a new story.

We can, though.

With adulthood comes choice right along with responsibility for those choices--and those choices are varied and many, including what your life story looks like. So, if the book of your life you are currently living is not to your liking or not the best you'd like to be experiencing, then make a different choice. Put that book aside and write yourself a new one. Choose not to let ego or personality, or the well-intentioned advice and opinions of others, be the author of your story. Empower yourself and take responsibility for how you feel and how your story arc flows. It's as simple as putting one book aside and picking up another.

Make a choice, make a plan, and choose to do differently. Choose to live differently--live better, happier, more fulfilled, satisfied, abundant, plus all the words that ignite your passion for life. Choose to write the story you always wanted to read and make it so.

Food for thought for the day . . .

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